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Education is core to the American way of life. But for children with disabilities, a school district’s failure to provide a free appropriate public education threatens not only the child’s way of life, but her community’s way of life. KraftEdLaw focuses on ensuring that school district’s provide the free appropriate public education that every child with a disability is entitled to under Federal and State law.
The best interest of the child is not the legal yardstick used for this type of law, but it is the yardstick that KraftEdLaw uses when guiding parents through the mazes of the education system. Child focused means that we take into account what the child’s educational needs are and who is responsible for those needs. This paradigm also requires a focus on preparation for litigation while attempting to negotiate a reasonable solution. Whether preparing for a team meeting, a facilitated IEP team meeting, mediation, or due process, KraftEdLaw can guide you through the process while representing you and your child.

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